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Bridge over the River Kwai

Posted on May 27 2012 by adhm eldakhs in افلام اجنبى قديمة

This was a great movie. It’s a David Lean movie which means the bigger the screen the better. In fact if you can see it at a movie theater at some special showing that would be best.
It’s about a group of Britsh soliders that are prisoners of war and forced to build a bridge by their Japanese captors. Being Daivd Lean it’s also a LONG movie but it was great all the way through so I didn’t feel the 2 hours and 42 minutes.
Some people probably think the movie is racist since the Japanese General is portrayed as not so smart a leader and the British Colonel wants to show the Japanese how much smarter the British are. But, there are dilbert like bosses in all cultures "The Japanese General" and there are people who make kind of racist statements in all cultures "The British Colonel" so arguably while the Colonel says something to the effect of "let’s show the Japanese our superior British abilities" that doesn’t make the movie racist, only that particular character. And even then, if it was two football teams and the coach of the teamA said let’s show teamB how superior we are that wouldn’t be racist either. In this case the teams are the British and the Japanese.
It also has the very famous song the soliders whistle. It’s great to find the origin of songs that have become this ubiqutous.
When it was over I felt compelled to look up if any of it was true. Apparently there really was a Britsh troop forced to make a bridge over the river Kwai and part of it is still standing. The rest of the details though are apparently made up. It doesn’t matter though, it’s a great story.

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